August Market Update For Portland Metro

Exploring the Portland Metro Real Estate Market - August 2023

Welcome to our latest update on the Portland Metro real estate market. In this report, we'll dive into the numbers and trends from August 2023 to provide you with insights into the state of the market. Whether you're a prospective buyer or seller, understanding these statistics can help you make informed decisions in this dynamic environment.

Residential Trends

Sale Price Trends

Let's start by examining the sale prices in the Portland Metro area. Over the last year, we've observed a slight dip in prices. The average sale price decreased by 1.2%, settling at $595,800 compared to $603,200 in the previous year. Similarly, the median sale price also saw a decrease of 0.9%, with the new median price at $532,900, down from $537,800.

However, it's not all doom and gloom. When we look at the monthly trends in 2023, we see some positive signs. From January to August, both the average and median sale prices have been steadily climbing. In August 2023, the average sale price increased by 2.2% compared to the same month in 2022, and the median sale price increased by 2.4%. This suggests that while there have been fluctuations over the past year, there are signs of recovery.

Inventory in Months

Another crucial aspect of the Portland Metro real estate market is the available inventory of homes. In August 2023, we saw a slight increase in inventory, with the average sale price dropping by 2.0% and the median sale price decreasing by 2.5%. The total market time increased by 0.4%, indicating that homes are staying on the market slightly longer than in the previous month.

However, when we compare August 2023 to the same month in 2022, we see a more significant change. Inventory decreased to 2.2 months in August 2023, down from the previous year's 2.4 months. This suggests that, despite the recent slowdown in new listings, the market remains competitive compared to 2022.

Residential Highlights

New Listings

New listings in August 2023 decreased by 8.9% compared to August 2022 but increased by 0.8% compared to July 2023. This mixed picture indicates that sellers may have been somewhat cautious about listing their properties in August, possibly due to market uncertainty.

Pending Sales

Pending sales experienced a significant drop in August 2023, with an 18.9% decrease compared to the same month in 2022 and a 4.3% decrease compared to July 2023. This decline in pending sales may be reflective of buyer caution, potentially influenced by changes in interest rates.

Closed Sales

Despite the decline in new listings and pending sales, closed sales in August 2023 increased by 12.7% compared to July 2023. This suggests that there is still demand in the market, and buyers are actively closing deals.

Inventory and Time on Market

As mentioned earlier, the inventory of available homes decreased slightly in August 2023 compared to July. However, the total market time increased by 0.4%, indicating that homes are taking a bit longer to sell. The total market time now stands at 37 days.

Year-to-Date Summary

When we look at the year-to-date summary, we gain a broader perspective on the Portland Metro real estate market's performance in 2023. New listings for the first eight months of the year decreased by 21.4% compared to the same period in 2022. Pending sales dropped by 24.2%, and closed sales decreased by 28.5%. These numbers suggest that the market has faced challenges throughout the year, including a reduced supply of homes and potential changes in buyer sentiment.

Average and Median Sale Prices

In the year-to-date comparison between 2023 and 2022, both the average and median sale prices have seen a decrease. The average sale price dropped by 3.0%, from $619,200 to $600,500. The median sale price also experienced a decline.


In conclusion, the Portland Metro real estate market in August 2023 displays a delicate balance between supply and demand. While there are signs of recovery in sale prices, the year-to-date data shows a market that has faced challenges due to a lack of inventory and shifting buyer sentiment. Sellers may need to adjust their expectations, while buyers might find opportunities in a market that has seen some price corrections.

As we progress through the year, it will be essential to keep an eye on economic conditions, interest rates, and housing inventory to gain a clearer picture of where the Portland Metro real estate market is heading. Real estate remains a dynamic sector, and these statistics offer a snapshot of its current state, which can guide your decisions in this ever-evolving market.

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