April 2024 Market Update for Portland Metro

Analyzing the Dynamics of the Portland Metro Real Estate Market

Welcome to an in-depth analysis of the Portland Metro real estate landscape. In this review, we'll navigate through recent statistics and trends that are shaping the local housing market.

New Listings: Fluctuations in Supply

Commencing with new listings, March saw a 7.5% decrease compared to the same period in 2023, yet surged impressively by 16.3% from February 2024. This data indicates a notable shift in seller activity, likely influenced by seasonal and market factors.

Pending Sales: Momentum Builds

Moving forward to pending sales, March witnessed a 2.8% increase from the previous year and an exceptional 22.7% surge from February 2024. This upward trajectory suggests heightened buyer interest and activity within the market.

Closed Sales: Variability in Transactional Activity

Closed sales, however, exhibited a more nuanced trend. While there was a 9.6% decline compared to March 2023, there was a substantial 22.9% increase from February 2024. This variance underscores the dynamic nature of transactional activity within the market.

Inventory and Time on Market: A Balancing Act

Inventory levels experienced a slight decline, resulting in a 2.3-month supply in March. Conversely, total market time increased to 91 days, signaling a balance between supply and demand dynamics.

Year-to-Date Summary: Modest Shifts in Key Metrics

Zooming out to evaluate the year-to-date summary, we observe modest shifts in key metrics. New listings increased by 1.9%, while pending sales decreased by 3.2%, and closed sales decreased by 6.1%. These fluctuations indicate a market in transition, influenced by various economic and seasonal factors.

Average and Median Sale Prices: Incremental Appreciation

Examining price trends, both average and median sale prices demonstrated incremental appreciation. The average sale price rose by 2.1%, reaching $578,800, while the median sale price increased by 2.0%, reaching $525,000. These price escalations reflect ongoing market dynamics and the value proposition of properties within the Portland Metro area.


In conclusion, the Portland Metro real estate market exhibits a blend of trends characterized by fluctuations in supply, demand, and pricing. Whether you are a prospective buyer, seller, or industry observer, understanding these dynamics is essential for making informed decisions in this dynamic market environment.

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